GIN JSON-API framework

Gin is an JSON-API framework, currently in its early stage.

It has been designed to allow for fast development, TDD and ease of maintenance.

Gin is helpful when you need an extra-boost in performance and scalability, as it runs embedded in a packaged version of nginx called OpenResty and it's entirely written in Lua. For those not familiar with Lua, don't let that scare you away: Lua is really easy to use, very fast and simple to get started with.

For instance, this is what a simple Gin controller looks like:

local InfoController = {}

function InfoController:whoami()
    return 200, { name = 'gin' }

return InfoController

When called, this returns an HTTP 200 response with body:

    "name": "gin"


Gin already provides:

Get started now! Start reading our docs or go for our simple tutorial.