API Console

Gin comes with a handy tool to allow developers play around with their own API. This tool basically:

  • takes care of adding the proper Accept header, used by Gin to version the API
  • allows a developer to set various HTTP methods for a request
  • allows a developer to specify request headers and its body

This is a screenshot of what the console looks like:

To get started:

  • Enable the console for your environment in your project's config/settings.lua file:

    Settings.development = {
        code_cache = false,
        port = 7200,
        expose_api_console = true
  • Access the console at the address /ginconsole

  • Select your method from the select box (GET, POST, ...)

  • Set the full url of the server you want to play with

  • Set the API version

  • Set the request headers (if any)

  • Set the request body (must be a valid JSON)

  • Click on the HIT button to see the response

Please note that request headers should be specified one per line, for example:

X-Additional: header-info
X-Additional-2: header-info-2