The Gin object

In your application, Gin exposes some attributes you might need. After you've required it:

local Gin = require 'gin.core.gin'
  • Gin.env: returns the current environment (development, test, production, or any other environment you may be running Gin in)
  • Gin.version: returns the current Gin version
  • Gin.settings: returns the global settings defined per environment in ./config/settings.lua (see Application files, under settings.lua)

If you need to manually encode/decode JSON, you can easily do so by first requiring cjson:

local json = require 'cjson'
  • to encode: json.encode(table)
  • to decode: json.decode(string)

json exposes the CJSON class.

Running in environments

To run Gin in an environment different than development (the default), ensure this environment has been defined where appropriate (at least in ./config/settings.lua) and run:

$ GIN_ENV={environment} gin start

For instance, to run Gin in production:

$ GIN_ENV=production gin start

To stop:

$ GIN_ENV={environment} gin stop